Beauty Tips

To keep eyes young:
Before you sleep apply almond oil around your eyes every night. Then after sleeping eight ours you will feel comfort in eyes.

Hair care:
To keep hair well you must use a good conditioner. And it is better to take the treatment of hair in case of serious problem. Some few household tips to keep your hair well :
  1. one tea spoon vinegar
  2. one tea spoon glycerin
  3. an egg

Mix these items and use mixture on head skin well. Then after half an hour wash hair with good shampoo. After practicing hair care in this way your hair will be silky and shiny.

Care of Body Skin
You should also take care of your hands and legs. To keep hands and legs well you can do a good manicure and pedicure. Few pieces of pulse, milk and peas flour mixtures can be used on skin of hands and legs as scribers.

 Body scrubber (For oily skin):
One tea spoon peas flour
Liitle bit of turmeric powder
Sour yoghurt
Mix up these above items and use on whole body. After keeping for half an hour wash it.
Body scrubber  (for Dry Skin);
One tea spoon of peas flour
Little bit of Turmeric powder
Little bit of milk cream

Mix up these items and apply it on whole body. Wash it after twenty minutes.
You must use sun cream lotion before you go out. And no need to apply more make without any cause. If you need to do make up you can use a very good branded foundation and compact . you should not allow make up for long time. You should wash make up before you sleep. By following these easy tips you can stay alive, beautiful and alive.

Beauty Care Tips